What your club affiliation contribution payments are for:
- NSRA annual affiliation fees, trophy equipment insurance/team entries
- Tent at Bisley Meeting, provides cover etc. at National Championships
- Tent at the Scottish Meeting, provides cover etc at Scottish Championships
- Astor Meeting entry for the winning club team of 6 at the County Championships
- County Champion entry, the overall winner of the county has a National Shoot Off at Bisley
- Marks Shield entry, teams picked to shoot against other counties
- Six Counties entry, teams picked to shoot against other counties.
- BSA County Cup competition, teams picked to shoot against other counties
- Inter-County Junior competition for under 18's team

We run the County Championship, Open Meeting and Access competiton:
- The Open/County Championship in four classes
- Veterans Championship, aged 60 and over on the day of the competition
- Ladies Championship, open to all ladies
- Junior Championship, under 18 on the day of the competition.
- The County Solid Silver Medal, awarded to the highest aggregate who had not won beford
- Aster Clubs compete to shoot at Bisley, representing Essex County
- Rodwell Cup, club competition in teams of three
- Kingsman Shield, club teams of 6
- Prizes are many historic cups, trophies and medals

We run several postal indoor competitions:
- Greville League
- Summer League
- National Service League
- Individual and Team
- Prizes are county medals

We run a Summer and Winter County Air Gun Competitions

We run Lightweight Sporting Rifle county and inter-county competitions

Administration and Support:
- Unpaid annually elected Committee
- Provides a county web site with links to your club and forwarding membership enquiries
- Run several meetings a year plus the A.G.M.
- Repairs and maintains the cups and trophies
- Engraves cups - county teams only
- Donations, i.e. New Zealand medals
- Have representatives to attend the National/NSRA Council meetings to present Essex views
- Provides blazer badges to county team members
- Provides shoulder flashes to county team members

Essex clubs not already affiliated are welcome to join us and gain these benefits