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Essex County Newsletter - Spring 2021

Dear Essex Small-bore Community,

I hope all is well within your clubs, members & families.
With the 3rd lockdown brings another period of non-shooting but it is in our best interest to not socialise and therefore not spread the virus.

This is the Spring issue going out to the Essex small-bore shooting community. I have a lot to communicate in this issue.

The latest “On Target” Magazine is out now and does cover many topics. It is well worth reading to help understand what the NSRA does for you. All NSRA affiliated clubs should have a club copy.

The Online Membership Portal is now live:
A step in the right direction in the 21st century, checkout the NSRA website for the link – If there is anyone that is NOT a member of a National Governing Body then please do so, support your sport.

The Public Consultation & the NSRA response to it:
The shooting Council did consider the NSRA’s response a little under-whelming considering the responses from other NGB’s, their website was amended with more information. The Consultation is now closed.

2021 Competitions schedule:
The latest up to date Calendar is in the latest “On Target” magazine.
The Scottish & English National Meetings were in the planning stages with Go/No-go dates in place but as of 3rd March both meetings have regrettably been cancelled, a whole host of factors came into play, most notably the safety of all involved & the hire of both venues in question. – Check website for more info.

NSRA Winter Leagues have been reduced to 5 rounds to help competitors as so much of the winter season was in Lockdown.
Shoot by dates of 31 May 2021. – Check website for up to date info.

The Benchrest & Electronic Target Rules & Regulations have been revamped, the proposed changes will be discussed at the next Council meeting, I will send out the new rules once I have the finished product.

The NSRA website:
The NSRA shop & LRC are currently closed but online orders are still being taken and processed weekly.

GP Charges: firearms certificates & renewals.
I was contacted by one of our Essex shooters for advice, who had an issue. Normally we can contact the NSRA directly but there is no one there at the moment due to the current crisis.I contacted a Board member whom put me in touch with the NSRA’s Legal & Technical Adviser Graham Burns. He gave great advice which was fed back to our team-mate.

Can I remind all that GP’s cannot charge you for your Medical Records, under the Freedom of Information Act you are entitled to your records. HOWEVER, GP’s are allowed to charge you for their TIME. The British Medical Association have not yet fixed a standard price for this service so GP’s can charge what they feel is appropriate for their time. Medcert: There is an alternative if a GP should refuse or overcharge. Their website is They charge a flat fee of £50 for their services. Checkout their customer reviews. - DISCOUNT for NSRA members.

Ammunition Allowances on Firearms Certifications:
Increasingly I am hearing of certificate holders, upon renewal of their licence, having their allowance reduced, with the excuse stated that the Chief Constable said cut the applicants allowance. In some cases it’s been over a 50% reduction.
If you have experience of this then please feel free to share your experience with me, this applies to both Met & Essex Police.

Regarding Referees, one should be a shooting colleague from your club that you know personally who can vouch for you.

Essex Matters:
Prone: - Annabelle Fearn
Spring Leagues are all cancelled.
The 2021 Essex Championships – Will not be shot in May, we will be looking towards the end of summer if at all feasible.
External Competitions:
We have had correspondence regarding the Six Counties and there is a zoom meeting planned with the Home Counties Co-Committee to discuss the Marks Shield, both will hopefully be rescheduled for later in the year.

The Essex County Air section has decided to fully cancel the Spring Leagues due to the situation. All entry fees, league sheets, stickers and division details from the Summer Air Leagues 2020 will be transferred to entries for the Essex County Summer Air Leagues 2021.

Light Weight Sporting Rifle Leagues and Long Barrelled Pistol: - Patrick Hickie
The Spring Leagues are cancelled. No decision has been made yet as to the viability on running any Summer Leagues over all disciplines.
The Essex AGM is going to be via ZOOM, date to be announced.
For those of you on Facebook – Please like our new page “Essex County Small-bore Rifle & Pistol Association”, I will have some content on there soon. Please feel free to promote your club.

The Government’s roadmap out of lockdown has been released. There is some confusion relating to what constitutes an outdoor range or a group activity. I would expect club committees to do their research, including the Government and various National Governing Bodies statements, before reopening.
Please read on the NSRA’s website: Covid-19 Response - Initial Guidance (following Government statement 22 February 2021)
Hopefully in April we can get back to our sport and various disciplines, and the resumption of competitions in the sport that we love.
In the meantime please stay safe. If in doubt just stay home.

Chris Ingram
Essex County Secretary on behalf of the Essex Committee